About ECLA


The Mission of ECLA is to advance quality medical eyecare for the public by providing comprehensive ophthalmologists and other eyecare professionals with education and training in contact lenses and related eyecare science.

Support for Contact Lens Science...

Founded in 1963, and incorporated as a 501C(6) organization in 1964, the Contact Lens Association of Ophthalmologists, Inc., (ECLA), has grown to become an important medical subspecialty association. ECLA is dedicated to providing ophthalmologists, optometrists, and other eye care professionals with leading edge information in contact lens and related vision science.

An Emphasis on Education...

With quality education as its top priority, ECLA produces user-friendly learning programs that encompass contact lenses and other aspects of vision correction. These programs come to members via: a peer-reviewed scientific journal, an annual national meeting, courses and symposia, various regional meetings, an online newsletter, and other media.

Central to ECLA's mission is support for the office-based ophthalmologist, optometrist, and other contact lens professionals; and thus ECLA educational programs emphasize the practical as well as the theoretical side of contact lens science and vision correction. ECLA educational offerings are designed to aid professionals at all stages of their careers.

...and Professional Support

ECLA strives to create settings in which researchers and clinicians can meet, learn from one another, and come away enriched. Likewise, ECLA aims to be an organization in which new practitioners learn from those with experience and experienced practitioners gain the satisfaction of mentoring young professionals. It is no wonder, then, that ECLA has become widely known as a place where achievement is recognized and where lasting relationships are made and maintained.