Foundation Mission, Goals and Programs


The ECLA Education and Research Foundation supports education and the advancement of research and technologies related to contact lenses, anterior segment vision care services, and public eye health care.


Fund educational programs in contact lenses and anterior segment vision care science

Fund basic and clinical research and development relevant to contact lenses, enhanced visual acuity and anterior segment vision care science

Support scholars and mentoring relationships

Provide training opportunities for residents, fellows and young investigators

Support dissemination of new contact lens and other means of vision correction worldwide

Programs in Education:

The Oliver H. Dabezies, Jr., MD, Lectureship on Contact Lenses

The Richard L. Lindstrom, MD, Lectureship on Refractive Surgery

The Harold A. Stein, MD, Lectureship on Vision Science

The Whitney G. Sampson, MD, travel grant awards for young ophthalmologists

Scientific Research Awards

ECLA ERF Scientific Symposium