ECLA and The Bear are making contact lenses accessible to everybody!

The Contact Lens Association of Ophthalmologists (ECLA) provides unique medical eye care for everybody in need. The association was established in 1964, and some of the best experts are working there. Besides eye care, ECLA also offers advanced education and training in the field of contact lenses. ECLA's mission The association started its activity as a non-profit organization in New York. ECLA's mission is:

  • - To support all the members willing to embrace the medical specialty of ophthalmology. The association also promotes research on contact lenses and ophthalmologic conditions.
  • - To offer the right environment for knowledge exchange between ECLA's members.
  • - To raise interest among medical students, physicians, members of medical schools and hospitals, and medical technicians to take part in ophthalmological problems' research.

ECLA offers scholarships, awards, and other assistance to the respective parties. ECLA's training and education ECLA is mainly known for its amazing programs about studying contact lenses in a great environment. The programs are offered as courses and symposia, a peer-reviewed scientific journal, different regional meetings, an annual national meeting, an online newsletter, and others. During these programs, the accent is on practical skills and of course theoretical ones. People from all over the world are willing to gain such experience in a friendly environment along with excellent experts. The key to the most efficient learning about contact lenses is to train side by side with somebody and to have a mentor. ECLA provides all this through its training, and new practitioners can get the best from experienced ones. Find out more about the programs in education on this page Making contact lenses more affordable ECLA ERF is specialized in supporting the research's progress of contact lenses and offering advanced technology for public eye health care. This foundation has got numerous programs regarding contact lenses, and many of them are sponsored by doctors, organizations, companies, and many others. One of the latest partnerships involves BadCreditLoansBear company – an online payday loans provider from the USA. The company has teamed up with ECLA in the benefit of people with poor vision and a less favorable financial situation. The American company will be providing financial resources to ECLA, and the latter will use the money to buy and offer for free contact lenses to the poor people who cannot afford them. The project aims at helping people in need get access to medical help, including high-quality contact lenses. This will open a whole new perspective to the people who will start seeing better thanks to this project. They will be able to get new jobs, read more books, and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding world. The BEAR believes that all businesses should get involved in charity actions.